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We've got 1,000 of them right here!

For over 100 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America have offered young people a safe, fun place to develop skills, self-confidence and other qualities needed to become responsible citizens and leaders. We can ensure that this will continue for future generations by planning today. 

By remembering Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County in your will or trust, you are securing the future for thousands of young people! 

Leave A Legacy To Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County has been serving thousands of area youth for more than 5 years. While the organization has changed and grown over the years, the goal is still to provide A Positive Place For Kids.  Alumni of Boys & Girls Clubs have warm, wonderful memories of their experiences, and lasting results of the impact their memberships had on their lives. What about future generations? What legacy will we leave for them? 

It's up to us to make a difference in the future of our community and in the lives of boys and girls throughout the Barron County area by making sure that there is always a Boys & Girls Club around the corner for every child who needs a welcoming, caring, safe place to go. 

The following are ways you can "Leave a Legacy" through Planned Giving:


  • Prepare a will.

  • Surprisingly, less than 50% of people have a will. Without one, you lose control over what happens to your assets at your passing.

  • Leave a gift in your will for Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County Foundation.

  • Give various assets in place of a cash donation.

  • Gifts such as stocks, bonds, real estate, art and jewelry are of considerable value to organizations such as BGCBC and may provide tax savings for you now.

  • Make Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County the beneficiary of your pension plan or IRA. Avoid possible income and estate taxes after your death, or that of your beneficiary.

  • Remember loved ones with memorial gifts.

  • Through naming opportunities or by simply making a donation in the name of a loved one, you benefit from the tax break and you give to a loved one or to their memory in a unique way. What a wonderful way to remember someone!

  • Name Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  • Get others involved. 

  • Ask your financial advisor or attorney to encourage other clients to give to Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County through client counseling. Imagine the positive impact on your community if everyone made a donation to your favorite charity or a charity of their choice!

  • Establish a Life Income Gift through BGCBC Foundation.

  • A Life Income Gift is a great way to benefit from significant tax breaks while you or your beneficiary receives current income from a percentage of the gains on your gift. Yes! You can get paid from your charitable donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County.

  • Pass it on!

  • Encourage family members and friends to "Leave a Legacy" to Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County through Planned Giving.


For more information on how you can "Leave a Legacy" to Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County, please call Chad Thompson, Executive Director, at (715) 736-7445 or by e-mail at


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