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Program Information

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County's Be Great: Graduate program is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to supporting middle and high school students in Cumberland and Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Our program is led by Tyler Sutton, our Be Great Graduate Coordinator. Through weekly meetings, Tyler engages students in setting and monitoring their academic goals, facilitating graduational readiness, and creating a plan to be career-ready.

Our Program Aims To:

  • Guide students through the transition from middle school to high school, helping them understand credit systems, GPA calculations, and graduation requirements.

  • Collaborate with students to set semester and weekly goals, conducting regular check-ins to monitor progress.

  • Offer homework assistance to reinforce classroom learning.

  • Conduct weekly grade checks to ensure academic performance remains on track.

  • Advocate for students' needs while empowering them to advocate for themselves effectively.

  • Assist students in identifying and overcoming obstacles they may encounter on their academic journey.

  • Facilitate career exploration through enriching experiences such as college and business tours, as well as other field trips.

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Tyler Sutton

Be Great Graduate Coordinator

What Do Meetings Look Like?

A typical meeting lasts around 30 minutes during one day of the week.  Students will meet with our Be Great Graduate Coordinator, Tyler.  The youth themselves will develop goals for which they are held accountable.  Tyler provides students with support and guidance to help them succeed in each goal that they set for themselves.  This helps encourage our youth to be self-advocates and build confidence in their abilies.

How can I enroll?

Our Be Great: Graduate Program is absolutely free for all youth who are enrolled in the Cumberland or Rice Lake Area School District.  Our Be Great Graduate Coordinator travels to the school to meet with youth each week to provide guidance for academic and graduation success.  If you are interested in enrolling in our program, reach out to our coordinator, Tyler.  Email is our preferred method of communication as our Be Great Graduate Coordinator is often traveling from different schools throughout the day.  Feel free to reach out to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County directly at 715-736-7445 to learn more about the program. 

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