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What exactly is the Boys & Girls Club? Is it a daycare?

No, the Boys & Girls Club is not a daycare, although the aspect of afterschool care is a huge part of who we are. Think of it more as an extension to the school day. Your child will have a meal and snack, help with homework, time to read and socialize with fellow members, and participate in an educational program. When you pick up your child from club at the end of the day, and you ask what they learned, you could hear anything from "today we extracted DNA from a strawberry" to "we made our own cheese" to "we got to meet a team of EMTs and sit in a life-saving helicopter". Every day is an adventure and an opportunity to grow and develop social skills, future career goals, and more. 

What are your hours?

During the school year, all clubs are open starting from the end of the school day until 6pm on Monday through Friday. During the summers, all clubs hours vary depending on when summer school is. Typically Lincoln, RLMS, and CMS will be open all summer from 7:30am-6pm, unless summer school is in session, and then club will begin after summer school (usually around noon) and go until 6pm. RLHS will not have a summer program. BRMS will have a shortened summer program that is only in session for the 4 weeks of summer school, and will have 12pm-6pm hours. All calendars will be located in each club's tab in the "Our Club Locations" drop down menu above.

Can any child be a member? What is the cost of membership?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County exist for ALL children from Kindergarten through 12th grade during the school year, and children who have completed Kindergarten through 11th grade during the summer session. For licensing and insurance purposes, there will be no exceptions to these grade acceptance guidelines for any reason. For membership, please fill out a membership form (and any additional forms necessary) which can be found in the above menu under "Forms". Membership forms must be completed every year for every child. If you are at all unable to pay the membership fees, please also fill out a scholarship form (also available in the "Forms" tab above).

School Year Membership Fees:

- Lincoln Clubhouse, RLMS, and CMS - $20 for the school year per child, not to exceed $50 per family

Summer Membership Fees:

(no discounts for additional children for summer)

- Lincoln Clubhouse, RLMS, CMS - $50/week PER child

- Middle School Sites - $10/week PER child

How can children participate for such a low membership fee? 

It's true that for the maximum of only $20 per school year, your child will eat a meal and a snack, go on field trips, make art, meet guest speakers, and more. Thanks to the generosity of our community and corporate sponsors, as well as grants and funding, we're able to provide a well-rounded educational and fun experience for all children. If you'd like to join our board, volunteer, work with us, or donate to help us continue this important mission, please contact us.  

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