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Kindergarten - 4th Grade


Site Director: Julie Resac
Site Phone: (715) 736-7445
Summer Site Hours June 6th - Sept 1st: M-F 7:30AM to 6:00PM
Fall Site Hours (Starting Sept 2nd) - 3:00PM to 6:00PM

Site Location: 426 N Wilson Avenue, Rice Lake WI 54868
Site Director Email:

2022/23 Annual Calendar


After School Schedule

3:00-4:00 ~ Lunch & Recess

4:00-4:30 ~ Project Learn This is a time for member to work on school work and practice reading, writing, and mathematical skills. 

4:30 - 5:15 ~ Special Programs 

(Includes Club Tech, Art, STEM, Social Skills, Triple Play)

5:15-6:00 ~ Snack and Dismissal 

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September 5 Labor Day - Club Closed

September 30 Full Day of Club - NO School 

                                               Teacher In-service

October 17 Full Day of Club - No School

                                               Teacher In-service

November 7 Full Day of Club - No School

                                               Teacher In-service

November 22 Full Day of Club-  No School                                                            Thanksgiving Break

November 24 & 25 Thanksgiving Break -

                                                      Club Closed

December 23- Full Day of Club - No School

                                                Christmas Break

December 26 - Club Closed

January 2 - Club Closed

January 23 Full Day of Club - No school

                                           Teacher In-service

February 20 Full Day of Club - No School

                                           Teacher In-service

March 13-17 Full Day of Club -No School

                                               Spring Break

April 7 Full Day of Club - NO School

                                     Teacher In-service 

April 10 Full Day of Club - No School

                                        Vacation Day

May 5 Full Day of Club - No School

                                     Teacher In-Service 

May 29 Memorial Day- Club Closed

June 6  Last Day Of School  

Behind the Blue Doors of Lincoln...

Hey there! 

Farewell 2021 & Hello 2022!

We hope that you all had a great holiday season and are as excited about 2021 as we are. Last year brought so many changes, but because of people like you that believe in what we do at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Barron County, we can continue to be there & provide a safe place for our members! For that, we want to say: 


Now before too much snow falls, here is a quick recap of January!

In our Art program, created by Victoria, our members revisited the classic fable called Tortoise and the Hair. They then created a felt storyboard and characters to tell a story of their own! They also got a chance to shake things up a bit by making tambourines while learning some fun facts! Although beans were spilled, the members still had a great time! With our STEM Leader Courtney's expertise, our members learned how Arctic animals stay warm! With this experiment, our members got to see how arctic animals use blubber as insulation to keep them warm in the winter. Our members used Crisco as their insulation,  then placed their hands in ice water. They then had their own little “Polar Plunge”, each member was timed to see how long they could last. 

Our Americorps Program Leaders, William & Jacob, started small group programs teaching our members American Sign Language. William has began reviewing the alphabet and animal signs! Jacob taught our members how to make some tasty yet healthy snacks! Our members used apples, peanut butter & tortillas to create a nice treat to end the day. 














Ladies and Gentlemen drum roll, please! 

We are pleased to announce our month of May's Members of the Month: 

Riley Lansin
Arrives at the club with a smile on his face & ready to play!  He is always willing to try a new program with a positive attitude during power hour or program time. 

Landon Stoyke

Is always ready to lend a hand! Whether it be another member or BGC Staff, Landon is ready to get the job done!

Ella Gonyer

She is always kind towards staff as well as members! Ella arrives ready to try something new and willing to help. 

Jennavy Nelson

Always leads by example and is very respectful to staff and other members. He is always making us laugh and bringing positivity to his group! 

Aubrey Randall

Is always ready to lend a hand!

Great job, Boys & Girls! For showing others what a club member is all about! 


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