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Behind the Blue Door

Cumberland Middle School Extension

The Cumberland Middle School Extension enjoyed a fun-filled and short December. The month may have flown by, but we were able to enjoy our last weeks before entering a new decade. So many exciting things to look forward to in the new year. The club received an amazing book grant and we are starting our very own little library for the members to enjoy. We have some fun STEM programs to look forward to and as the members learn more about our new circuit board we are eager to get a chance to create an actual AM/FM radio with the board.


We started an exciting Myth Busting segment to our STEM program this month that we will be continuing throughout the year. This month we heard a rumor through the grapevine that Lifesavers Wintergreen flavored mints made a bright blue flash when they were crushing with a pair of pliers in the dark. So we decided to myth bust this rumor and check it out. After applying our safety goggles, and crushing what seemed like countless pieces of Lifesavers, we found this rumor to be TRUE! After the lights were out we could see a bright flash once the Lifesaver was crushed. This was the member’s favorite experiment of the month.


Our members can not get enough of slime. They would make it every day if they could. So to make things more exciting and challenging we made two different types of slime to see which one would blow the biggest bubble. Not only were they shocked to learn that you can blow bubbles out of slime by inserting a straw into it, but they were amazed about how large the bubble could get. The members voted that the green Nickelodeon homemade slime created the largest bubble, which they say is now their favorite slime to make.


With the holiday season approaching us the members have created various arts and crafts to give as gifts to their loved ones. Their favorites were picture frames mod podge with colorful comic book pages and a pendant necklace with personalized pictures inside. They had fun using their creativity and we're excited to make something special for their family members.


We are happy to announce that Jordan L. is our member of the month for December. Jordan arrives to club each day with such a positive attitude and eagerness to participate. Jordan interacts positively with the other members and his attitude towards club has been amazing all month. Congratulations Jordan!!!


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