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Site Director:   Gabriela Giron Ozuna

Site Phone:   715-931-7280

Site Hours:    M-F 3:00- 6:00pm
Site Location:     

204 Cameron Road
Rice Lake WI 54868

Site Director Email:

A Day at Club

2:45 - 3:45pm:
Bus Arrivals, Check In and Meal Time

3:45 - 4:30 pm:
Power Hour

4:30 - 5:10pm -

Monday- Career Launch
Tuesday- STEM
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Triple Play
Friday- SMART Moves

5:10 - 6pm:
Snack Time and Recess


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Behind the Blue Doors of RLMS...

This month at the RL Middle School we learned how to make Borax crystals! We learned how to identify crystals, and that they are a solid that forms in a regular, repeated, and geometrical arrangement. We added a little of our creativity we made them into fun shapes and added some  fun colors and they turned out so beautiful.


Members learned about a healthy alternative during our Creative Cooking program we made Avocado Musse and Chocolate Chip cookies with honey. Even though some of the alternatives to traditional ingredients on these recipes weren’t half bad! It was very interesting using honey instead of brown sugar for our cookies and avocado instead of eggs and cream for our mousse. We learned that there are many ways to making some things a little different but still really tasty.


Our members got to learn about improve and “Break a leg” Not in those literal words but we learned to stay in character even when the script could change. From being a french cowboy to becoming an Oprah singer while being a professor. Talk about what a wild act. It was so much fun watching members interact with each other and have a fun and energetic feel for what we all learn together at our club.

We ended the month by learning the chemical imbalances in slime. We learned that a little can go a long way, and let me tell you following measurements is an important factor! Some members struggled a little too following our recipe that some members ended up with a hard rubbery but squishy “slime”, but some successfully made slime with elasticity and firmness to the touch. We all had a blast learning and trying new things at our Boys and Girls Club this February. I can not wait and see what more fun things we learn and do this March!

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