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Behind the Blue Door

Barron Riverview Middle School Extension

December was a success and flew right by! We spent a lot of our time making winter decorations for the Winter donor party and things members could take home for the holidays! Our club really enjoys any time we can spend on arts and crafts! We explored a new STEM project where members mixed conditioner and baking soda to create “snow.” We have also been working on recycling items we have within the club. Members used old Jenga blocks to make refrigerator snowman magnets. A major focus BGC-BRMS has been implementing is building relationships within the school. I have spent two days of each week in the lunchroom with kids or doing one to one mentoring lunches for those who need it most. This seems to be going well and it is fun to see the kids' faces light up and yell Alex! The kids really seem to enjoy being able to come into the club room instead of going outside, especially on the cold days! The new homework help program has officially been launched and advertisement has been sent home with mid-quarter grades. We are hoping to see a rise in attendance numbers with the launch. The members who currently come now have been making positive progress with the new program.

          Our next month's member of the month is Teagen Grinage. Teagen's attendance at BGC is very regular. She is typically the first person in the door and the last to leave. Teagen really enjoys coming to BGC and does an amazing job when she is there. She is very involved in the club and supportive of her peers. She shows great academic success and never has to be asked to participate or need redirection.

            Riverview Middle School Boys and Girls Club would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season!


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